My name is Lana, and I am the founder of ORGANIZE HOMES. I love to make spaces fully utilized and orderly, with everything completely organized.

Lana will help you keep your home and closet space forever organized, clean, and clutter-free.

Lana has many years of experience in Fashion, Home design and the Retail industries, which gave her extensive and joyful experience in organizing and keep everything stylish and organized. In just a brief time she can make your home comfortable and cozy while helping you look fabulous every day.

With her discerning eye you will be able to get your day started faster and accomplish more because you will not have to waste time looking for something in your home or searching closet for that perfect skirt or the matching blouse or that one pair of shoes. Every day you can open your closet and find exactly what you need when you need it.

Also, Lana has been a personal shopper and stylist for many clients. When she is not working, Lana enjoys craft, cooking, gardening, traveling, rollerblading, working out, paddleboarding, beach walks and spending time with family and friends. She speaks English and Russian