Your home makeover: 50 Reasons why?

Here Are 50 Reasons to Chose MyClosetMakeover:

1. Where is my favorite black dress?

2. I need my shirt ironed, but I am out of time!

3. I need to move on from my old clothes and get something new.

4. I want dresses tailored, but I have no time to take them!

5. My shoe heels need replaced.

6. All my spices and ingredients in my pantry and expired. I need to help cleaning it up.

7. My kids have outgrown al their clothes and their closets need to be redone.

8. My home office is a disaster. I can’t get any work done.

9. We just moved, and I am too busy to get everything unpacked.

10. We are so busy, we are have a hard time keeping track of everything.

11. The garage needs to be organized so we can actually use it.

12. My jewelry is all in a drawer and I can’t find the perfect necklace.

13. We have too much stuff, and we don’t know where to put it all.

14. I need someone who knows how to help me and my home both look fabulous.

15. I need my kitchen cabinets organized so I can find my pots and pans.

16. Where are those Jimmy Choo’s?

17. My husband wears the same tie every time.

18. I need my storage set up so I can actually find things.

19. Help! I want to park my car in my garage, but I have no room.

20. I need to pack-up an entire house in three days.

21. I need someone to launder my outfits without ruining them.

22. I need to free up space so I can fit a treadmill in my home office and still have room to work.

23. I need someone to drop and pickup my dry cleaning.

24. What do I wear to my office cocktail party?

25. I need someone who understands my style to get me the perfect ensemble for an important client meeting.

26. I have to leave on a business trip and I have no time to get my suitcases packed.

27. I need my kitchen to me more efficient.

28. My media is a mess, how do I store all my CD’s and DVD’s?

29. I need help organizing my filing cabinet.

30. I have plenty of closet space, but I am just not using right.

31. We need our garage to be a work-out center, a workshop, and a storage area, where do we begin?

32. I need my husband’s work shirts pressed once a week.

33. My child has so many toys, but nowhere to put them.

34. I want to turn my garage into a children’s playroom but I don’t know where to start.

35. I need some meat picked up from the deli.

36. I have three things to take care of downtown, but I have a can’t miss deadline at work.

37. My child just left for college and I need help packing up their room.

38. I am trapped in an old style and I need help finding fashionable clothes that look great on me.

39. I need to find a way to get two kids’ toys and clothes into one room

40. I am always running late because I can never find what I am looking for.

41. My kids are always running late because they can’t find the clothes they are looking for.

42. I want my kitchen to be perfect for cooking for lots of guests.

43. I cry whenever I open my closet doors.

44. I am new to the workforce and have no idea what to wear to business meetings.

45. I need an second of opinion from someone with a keen fashion sense.

46. What do I do with all of my handbags?

47. When is it okay to wear white to a social event?

48. I have unpacked everything except my kitchen and I am out of time.

49. How much is too much stuff?

50. I need everything in my den packed up and moved to storage.

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